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“Remember Me” now on CMC

Happy 2008!!,

Hi Everyone,

Back now from what was my first real holiday in years … though only a week long it was very enjoyable and I was able to catch up with my family and some very treasured friends…I get to catch up with my girlfriend Tracey this weekend when I head down to Melbourne for the Red Hill Country Music Festival. (I have had the luxury of catching up with her frequently over the last 12 months but she is now moving back to live in Perth … pass the tissues… it will be an emotional farewell on the Monday). If you’re heading to Red Hill bring your party shoes as the Lee Forster Band is not only performing but also backing me on the day…. Those boys know how to have fun... Bryen Willems is also coming along to play guitar and drink coffee.

Country HQ – check out this new website it’s new and also has an interview with yours truly (unedited I might add!!)

Keep Requesting….. The video for “Remember Me” is climbing the top 50 chart on CMC. Keep up the requests at log on and request away. You can only request once a day. After reaching the top 10 on the radio chart, let’s see if we can get it on the CMC top 30 chart too!! Thank you.

Tamworth – Tamworth 2008 is shaping up to be funfilled with many events in the schedule. I will be on air with Festival FM weeknights with the Swamp Duck and Ken Date. On Wed 23rd, Thurs 24th and Fri 25th I will be joining Tracy Killeen, Peter Pratt and Dobe Newton as well as Roger Corbett and other Valley Studio artists for what promises to be a very entertaining show at the Longyard from 10am to 12pm.
Tickets available at Tourism Tamworth ph: 02 6767 5300. Check out the gig guide for more info…

The Victorian Awards….. Nominations for the final 5 have now been announced and again honoured to be amongst amazing company for Female Vocal and Traditional and Bluegrass…. The Awards will be held at the Whittlesea CMF on Friday 8th Feb... I will be performing on the night and also there with my band on Sunday 10th Feb. To find out more info go to Hope to see you there!!

And more nominations……… I have to say that I am very humbled to be a nominee in the People’s Choice Awards… I was supposed to email everyone and get them to vote for me but I was on the road at the time and couldn’t send anything out… nonetheless I have made it into the final of the Female Vocal section and Bryen Willems and I have made it into Vocal Collaboration for “As Long As I Live”. This is where I get the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support.
The awards are being held on Thursday 24th January at 2pm, in the Regent Theatre, Brisbane St, Tamworth.

Past events

Boxing Day Harbour Cruise – What a fantastic day!! The weather was just perfect, the food was great… and the company was just the best… What a fantastic day… the Tall Timbre boys and Bryen Willems all agree it was a great way to spend Boxing Day.

The Sound Lounge with Sam Hawksley. Ah the perfect venue for a songwriter’s session… Thanks to all who came along and hope to see you back there this year when the season starts again. The Sound Lounge – Seymour Theatre Sydney. City Road and Cleveland Street Chippendale. Box Office 02 9351 7940.
A great, intimate venue.

Perth November – Yes I was in Perth catching up with Family and taking some time out from performing…. Went back home for a rest though!! Sorry to everyone in Perth… I’m working on getting back over there to perform in the early half of 2008… just needed some time out and to not have to travel with a truck load of luggage. (Mind you try traveling with 2 little girls and not take too much luggage). We had a wonderful time and it was great to see all of my family.

Melbourne – What a hoot!! My traveling companions Bryen Willems and Mark Kirke endured hours and hours on the road with me. Thankfully though I flew to Melbourne the day after Bryen and Mark drove down especially for Bryen as he managed to somehow leave his clothes at home. At least he remembered all the important things like guitars and mandolins! Devoted wife Karen drove to my house in the pouring rain to drop off his bag of clothes so that I could take it with me on the plane (it’s ok his daughter checked for dangerous goods and the like before I checked it in). We all had a great night at the Pascoe Vale RSL… a big thank you to the Melbourne musicians that joined us for a lot of fun……Sweet Felicia on bass, Garrett Costigan on pedal steel and Jason Luisoon on drums you guys are awesome!!

And Canberra …. Well it was “see you next time Melbourne” and we (Bryen, Mark and myself) hit the road early for the drive to Queanbeyan Leagues where we met up with the rest of the band (Dave Roberts, John Lee, Steve Shepherd and Damien O’Donnell) from Sydney for what ended up as a great night… special guest on stage with us was Bob Rodgers on acoustic and banjo… he also sang us a couple of his own tunes

Leavin’ You For Myself on The Best of CMC DVD 2007 – you can see the full rundown of all the artists at Don’t forget to request the “Leavin You” video clip while you’re there….ps new clip should be out very soon!

ITunes - You can now purchase any track or the whole Lucy’s Daughter album on itunes . If you would rather a hard copy of the album you can go to my website  and order online or go to your nearest music store and order a copy.

Thanks again for your continued support

Take care and hope to see you somewhere soon.

Nicki x

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A Huge Thank you to all in radio and to everyone that has given me so much help and support with my current single “Remember Me”

The past 7 weeks have been amazing from the Flood at the Muster to the Dry of Bourke, South to Mildura and out to Broken Hill…I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. 

News and past events

Remember Me #7 on the Country Tracks Top 30 this week – Thank you so very much again to all in radio for your continued support. This is now the second single off the album and I’m very excited that it has charted as successfully as “Leavin You For Myself”.

Gympie Muster 2007 – They are calling it the Mudster!!  I have been to a wet muster before but this was an amazing display of water.  By the third night of constant rain I woke every hour only to hear the rain still falling as constantly as it had been the 2 days before hand.  But still all that were flooded in and camped at the site were in great spirits and all 3 shows were a lot of fun!!  Thanks to everyone that braved the mighty water and to the bus driver that got us in an out of there.. esp to the couple that I flagged down on the Friday. There was no other way for me to get through the water and it was their first muster.  Here they are being stopped and asked by a mad desperate entertainer (who was desperate to get in and perform) if they could fit myself and bass player Simon Johnson in their vehicle and drive us in.. They got us there with 5 mins to spare.  Check out  for pics and more stories on what was THE MUDSTER 2007!!

Coopers Golden Saddle Awards – Wow what a day!!  Winning the Golden Saddle was an honour up against the talents of Lee Forster and Markus Meier.  This year was a little different as Lee, Markus and myself were able to showcase our songs at the Galston Club on the Saturday night before the Grandfinal at Fagan Park on Sunday 9th September. It made it so much more enjoyable hanging out with the guys and I was able to sit back and enjoy their performances. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Galston, Coopers, Helen Kay and the other organisers of the Awards, also to the amazing backing band, stage manager Norval McClean, my support crew (Lee and the girls) and also to Jed Zarb.  You were all a part of an incredible day.

Cobar, Bourke and Bree with Tall Timbre and Bryen Willems –  What a weekend….On the 20th September we set off for what turned out to be the adventure we all anticipated.  “It’s all about the Journey”! We performed at the Cobar Bowling and Golf Club that night. We then enjoyed the sights and history of Cobar the next day before heading off to Bourke on Friday to play at The Oxley club (there are many stories… if you ever run into any of the Tall Timbre band I am sure they will elaborate!) Again on Saturday morning we spent time looking at the stunning surrounds and history of Bourke then set off to Breewarrina and on to our destination at the Bahkara Hutz Farmstay.  If you are ever out that way treat yourself to a trip out there and spend the night.  Graham and Cathy are wonderful hosts and will look after you very well.

Mildura CMF –  Well what can I say…. 10 days of music fun and more music.  As usual the festival was non- stop and we even managed to have a little “midnight madness” fun throughout the week. It was great to catch up with everyone again.  The awards were definitely the highlight of the festival.. you can check out all the goss and winners at

Broken Hill – 11th -14th October.  After so much driving it was nice to fly into Broken Hill.  Thank you to everyone there for your wonderful hospitality. A special thank you to Paul Kemp and Chrissie Murphy who worked extremely hard to put the festival together. Luke O’Shea and I managed to find a car and drive out to Silverton for some sightseeing. We also dropped into Pro Harts Gallery which is full of amazing art and information.

Leavin’ You For Myself on The Best of CMC DVD 2007 – you can see the full rundown of all the artists at Don’t forget to request the “Leavin You” video clip while you’re there….ps new clip should be out very soon!

ITunes -  You can now purchase any track or the whole Lucy’s Daughter album on itunes . If you would rather a hard copy of the album you can go to my website  and order online or go to your nearest music store and order a copy.

Coming up…….

Remember Me video clip now complete… keep an eye out on CMC and also

Melbourne and Canberra – Next weekend I head off with Bryen Willems for 2 shows:
 26th October – Pascoe Vale RSL
 27th October  - Queanbeyan Leagues. 

The Sound Lounge with Sam Hawksley – 22nd October at the Seymour Centre, Sydney we will be showcasing original music.  Book early, come and grab a seat. It’s a great intimate venue.

Enjoy everyday and I hope to see you all soon somewhere along the way.

Nicki x

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Blog 4
Posted by Nicki - 01/06/07

"Leavin You For Myself" reached #7 on the Top 30 Country Tracks chart..
(8 weeks in the Top 10)

and #23 on CMC top 30 chart.
(8 weeks in the Top 30)

Independent Female Vocalist and Open Album of the Year Award winner for "Lucy's Daughter" at the Horsham Country Music Awards Sat 21st April.

Hey Everyone… lots of news…

It’s been a while between drinks and apologies for the time lapse. My Mum always told me that time goes faster once you’re an adult but I sure didn’t expect it to go this fast. I now take back all those times as a child that I wished the time would go by quickly especially wishing my birthday would come along more often!!

Well I have to admit that I am very excited that Leavin You For Myself made it to the top 10 of the Country Tracks Chart and stayed there for 8 weeks(#7 for 3 weeks). Thank you so very much to all in radio who are supporting the song. Also thank you to everyone who requested the clip on CMC. It reached #23 and was in the Top 30 chart for 8 weeks. Keep the requests coming

My new single “Remember Me” was released to radio last week and the video will be available by the end of the month. It’s a song for all the Mum’s(and Dad’s) out there. We quite often get caught up in the responsibilities of parent hood and forget that we have to look after ourselves and remember that we can still dream and be who we are.

On Saturday April 21st the winners of the Horsham Country Music Awards were announced(shows how long it’s been since I could update my blog). I am very excited to say that my new album "Lucy's Daughter" won Best Album in the Open section. I also won the Independent Female Vocal section. Thank you to all who organised the event and also to the judges for voting me in.

April was a busy month all round which included the big Canterbury Country’s 7th Birthday party at Canterbury Hurlestone Park RSL on the 12th. You can check out the pics at Also a great night was had by all at the Gladstone Hotel on the 21st ( - click on the pic for many more) where I shared the stage for a whole night with Bryen Willems and the Bayou Boogie Boys (he let me share the band – thanks boys – I’m still trying to think up a new name for you when I steal you for a whole night on my own). On the 26th the Payrise Boys and myself took over the tiny little stage at the Echo Lounge in Paramatta as special guests for the Carr Club. Mike Carr and I then sang a few tunes at the end of the night. We even tried out a new song live (we wrote it together last year but this was the first time we had performed on the same stage since).

May was also a little on the hectic side. Including a trip to Melbourne which was absolutely fantastic(despite the fact that I left my phone in Sydney-one of those long stories). I spent two days catching up and performing with Velvet Moon partner Brooke Leal, thank you to everyone that came along to the Elwood Lounge. Also a very big thank you to Peter, John and Smiley from 3MDR out there at the Dandenongs. It was a treat performing at your stations fundraiser. Also thank you to Darren Colston for taking the time to learn my songs and playing them so amazingly without any rehearsal.
I also managed to spend time with Tracey - my best friend for 22 years(we met at school for those who are calculating). We went along to the Rod Laver Arena to see Keith Urban strut his stuff and boy he was just as awesome as ever.

Well that’s enough from me for now. Hope to see many of you at the Blue Water Festival next weekend.

For more gig dates see the guide below.
Thanks again for your support and all the best.
Until next time…
Take care

Nicki x


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Blog 3
Posted by Nicki - 30/03/07

First of all Happy Birthday to my brother Jason, (He may be younger than mebut stands 4 inches taller and I'm six foot).

News on the single front. "Leavin You For Myself" is currently #14 on the Top 30 Country Tracks and #29 on CMC top 30 chart.

Thank you to all in radio for your support and also to all of you who are requesting my video clip on line at Without you it wouldn't be in the charts.

If you check out you can see where I am on their chart and have a little fun voting yourself?.. They stream online so you can tune in. Say G'day to Larry while you're there.

There has been quite a bit going and thus the reason why I haven't had a chance to write lately.

Going back to the beginning of March we all had a great time at Canterbury Hurlestone Park for the Frank Ifield awards.. Congrats to Karen Lynne who received the award this year. Well deserved.

Speaking of Canterbury Country I will again be hosting the show on the 12th April. Bob is off cruising again. Come and join the fun for "Angels and Honky Tonk"

The Entrance Country Music Festival was just perfect. Great weather, great people and so much Entertainment. We all had a good time. For pics go to

Walking in the Penrith Parade was a highlight on Sat 17th March. We the "Cool Country Team" were there in full force with Ken's 1936 Auburn. Yes Ken it's a great car!! Later that night I was on the hop up the Wyong RSL. Bryen Willems, John Lee and Myself had a funfilled night. Thanks to all that came along and joined the fun.

The Merton Hotel on the 18th was a real hoot as per normal.. Cletis was in top form as was Bryen who let his hair down for the night... All in good spirits despite the rain. We could all see the Harbour Bridge and toasted a Happy Birthday. The real joy was knowing my friends Barry and Julie (and little Lochlan) were walking across the bridge as I was merrily belting out a few tunes. There in spirit guys!!

The 22nd of March saw us (Bryen, John, Rog and myself) take over a corner at the Blue Tongue Lizard Café in Glenbrook. Always a great night up there and the food is sensational.. if you are ever up that way drop in for some really yummy and healthy food.

That's about all for now..
Check out my gig guide below to see where to next.
Have a safe and Happy Easter.
Nicki x

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Blog 2
Posted by Nicki - 28/02/07

Hey everyone,
Have been trying to write a profound Newsletter but just haven’t found the time yet!

In the meantime some great things have been happening. First of all I need to ask a big favour… it will only take a couple of minutes.

Can you please go to and vote for me - “Leaving You For Myself” is on the list of 30. It then goes through to the top 20 based on your votes.

Also the video is now released and now being played on CMC but to get it into the top 30 countdown it needs to be heavily requested. Go to and log on to request the song. Enter “Nicki Gillis” in the artist search and click on “Leavin’ You For Myself”. If you are not already a member then join up!

The other fantastic news is that the single has entered the Country Tracks Top 30. This week it’s at Number 28.

As of next month you will also be able to download “Leaving You For Myself” as a Nokia ring tone… Go to

Thank you again for all of your support and hopefully I’ll be able to send a Newsletter in the next week or two… Have some great pics from Tamworth to share with you all.

Until then…
Take Care
Nicki x

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Blog 1
Tamworth to Taralga
Posted by Nicki - 28/02/07

Hi and for those who know their geography, Yes it is a big drive from Tamworth to Taralga but what a great 10days it was.

This year was no exception Tamworth was hot and busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way…had a range of shows over 7 days. Some highlights were the RUM Entertainment Showcase, The Tomkins Guitar showcase and of course my Tamworth Album Launch at the Regent Cinema’s. I also spent several nights on Festival FM co-hosting with Ken Date and Bryen Willems along with a few strays that wandered in….. who I might ad led us astray at times.

The Taralga Australia Day Rodeo was a huge event which started out hot and dusty and then turned out cold and dusty catching some of us off guard but to keep warm we rocked the night away….. Lee (my husband – not Lee Kernaghan) and I then had to drive back to Sydney as he had a plane to catch to Perth to bring home some precious cargo(our children who were on an extended holiday with grandparents).

Thank you to all that came along to various shows your support is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you again soon

Nicki x

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Posted by Nicki - 09/01/07

A big hello to everyone!! After many months my new website has finally arrived. Thank you for your patience and for those of you visiting for the first time, Welcome. Feel free to have a look around and also click on the MYSPACE link to check out a couple of tracks from my new album Lucy’s Daughter. Nicki

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Posted by Nicki - 09/01/07

Just a quick re-cap on some highlights.

March and April
A very hectic couple of months with festivals, moving house and training for my now position as drive time radio announcer on West Sydney’s, Cool Country 2KA, 1476AM.
Yes believe it or not! Tune in from 3pm to 7pm weekdays and you will hear yours truly.
For those of you not living in the West Sydney area, keep an eye out at . We will be streaming live early 2007.

Was spent settling into our new home. We found many unexpected surprises that seem to always cost a lot of money……Ahhh the joys of the great Australian Dream. We were very lucky that our girls settled well into their new school. I continued my radio training, and performed various shows around Sydney. The big news was that we started pre-production for my new album.

I finally started on air in June. As for the Album, we (producer Roger Corbett and the many talented muso’s involved) started recording.
The Port Stephens Country Music Festival was much fun amongst the wind and rain I had a super time singing backing vocals for Stacey Morris at The Basement. It was a great night with Jonah’s Road also performing. We were still re-arranging furniture in the new house and at the end of June I packed for my trip to Iraq. A little difficult to imagine over 48C heat on a 13C day and thus made packing an interesting adventure.

The first weekend of July, Lee and the girls set off to Perth for 3 weeks, to be with family as I head off for the adventure of a lifetime to entertain troops in Iraq. 16 days of heat, dust, American food and the most amazing aircraft rides ever! We, being my partner in crime Stacey Morris, Lee Harding and his band Bedrock, Aniela Hedditch and Clint Padderson set off to perform 13 shows in various locations in the Middle East. We performed for the Australian, US and other Coalition troops and met some of the most amazing people working in some of the most trying conditions as part of the reconstruction of Iraq. Did I mention the sand and dust!! The tour was put together by FACE (Forces Advisory Council on Entertainment). Having not spent any time together before hand, our touring party all got on extremely well and had a great time. Thanks to all at FACE for allowing me the opportunity to take a piece of home to those serving our country so far away from family and friends.

I return home with 2 weeks to recover from the dust induced bronchitis I ended up with. Then straight back into it. The recording process continues and what a fantastic learning curve. Aug 4 I performed at the Civic Hotel in the city ( Sydney) for Jamm 4 Genes. What a great night and congratulations goes to everyone involved. Go online for plenty of feedback. You can also donate to a very worthy cause. They receive no government funding so it’s up to people like you and I to help them keep up the great work. On the 20 th of August I performed up at the Springwood Civic Centre for Lon Tan Day. Earlier in the day they held a very moving, yet beautiful Ceremony and the weather was perfect. A great day had by all.

All of a sudden I am wondering where the year has gone and a blur is all I am experiencing in my memory ….we finished recording the Album, and spent a good deal of time carefully tweaking the final mix. But no matter how much we tried it was not ready for the Mildura Festival which ran from the 23 rd September to the 1 st October. Speaking of the festival, it seemed bigger than ever and it was great to catch up with everyone down there.

October?? What happened to it? Oh that’s right photo’s, artwork and shows. I also went along to the filming of the pilot of the “Carr Club”. A most hilarious night hosted by Mike and Darren Carr and somehow yours truly was plucked from the audience to participate in Beat the Dummy. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

So much preparation and finally the release of my album “Lucy’s Daughter” is now here. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey. I’m sure Roger Corbett is happy that I am no longer hanging around his studio for days on end. I was starting to feel like I was part of the furniture. (He does make a mean curry)! I managed to get to Qld on the first weekend. The second weekend was fun especially up at the Springwood Golf Club where I was part of a singer/songwriter concert with Tall Timbre, Hunter and Suzie Owens and Kevin Montgomery from the US. I managed to fit in 9 performances for the month along with my radio program, non stop dance rehearsals and cricket training for my girls. Oh and prepare for my Sydney Launch.

I filmed the first video for the album on the 5 th of December at Rooty Hill RSL and also show cased the new album on the same night. The song we filmed for is “Leavin You For Myself” which I co-wrote with Kevin Bennett(The Flood). Thank you to everyone that could come along and take part in the action. Being a live shoot it took quite a few run throughs to get all of the footage. Congrats to all the prize winners on the night and an extra big thank you to St Marys Sound Centre and the Good Guys Penrith for donating the prizes. The video will be finished before the Tamworth Festival and I hope to get it on the big screen outside the Regent Cinema’s. For those of you not heading to the festival it should hopefully be on CMC mid January. Now the busiest time of the year and Dancing rehearsals continue and finally the concerts along with school Christmas parties and Christmas Pageant.

Looking forward to spending Christmas day with my Family and then off to Perth to see my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister and Co and looking forward to some R&R…….ok yes I’m going to kind of be working whilst I am there promoting the new CD on “Born in Boots” with Brendon T Moylan, Curtain Radio, Perth on the 30 th of December and then on Twincities FM on the 6 th Jan.

I hope you enjoy the new album and there are many of you who through your requests helped inspire the songs chosen.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Take care.

Nicki x


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Posted by Nicki - 23/12/06

My new album Lucy’s Daughter is now available. Click on the STORE link to order your copy online.


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Posted by Nicki - 23/12/06

A big thank you to everyone that was able to come along to my Album Showcase and video Shoot on December 5. We should hopefully have the finished product for you to look at soon.


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Posted by Nicki - 23/12/06

Combined Tamworth Album Launches – Regent Cinema’s, Tamworth. Wednesday, 24th January, 8pm.
I am showcasing my new album “Lucy’s Daughter” together with Bryen Willems, who will be launching and showcasing his brand new album “Too Cold at Home”. We will also have 2007 Starmaker finalist Rose Carleo opening the show. There may be a few other special guests popping in on the night so make sure you come along.
Tickets are only $10. You can book early by phoning 02 6766 3707. We’d love to see you there.


Sun 13th Jan @ Red Hill Country Music Festival Vic

Tamworth Festival 2008
Fri 18th Jan @ 7.30pm - 10.30pm - Tudor Hotel– upstairs
Sat 19th Jan @ 2pm – Town Hall – Roll of Renown (guest appearance)
Sun 20th Jan @ 4.30pm – Blazes – West Leagues Club – Aussie’s Walk The Line Show (support artist)
Mon 21st Jan @ 9.30am – 11am - Tamworth Services Club – Writers in the round (with Rose Carleo and Karl Broadie)
Tues 22nd @ 6pm Concert for the Campers – Tamworth Recreational Grounds
Wed 23rd Jan @ 10am - 12pm – Longyard Hotel – The Morning Show
Thurs 24th Jan @ 10am -12pm – Longyard Hotel– The Morning Show
Thurs 24th Jan @ 2pm - 5pm - Tomkins Guitar Showcase – West Leagues outback (guest appearance)
Fri 25th Jan @10am - 12pm – Longyard Hotel – The Morning Show
Fri 25th Jan @ 8pm - 11pm – Southgate Inn – Front Bar (Nicki Gillis Band)
Sat 26th Jan @ 11.45am - 1.45pm – Imperial Hotel (Nicki Gillis Band)
Sun 27th Jan @ 8pm – Blazes - West Leagues Club – Aussie’s Walk The Line Show (support Artist)

Sun 10th Feb @ Whittlesea Country Music Festival Vic

Thurs 14th Feb @ 8pm - Canterbury Hurlestone Park RSL NSW

Sun 17th Feb @ 1pm – 4pm - Rooty Hill RSL NSW

Sat 8th Mar @ 12.30pm - Central Coast CMF NSW - Memorial Stage

Sun 16th Mar @ Ingleburn RSL NSW

Sat 22nd Mar - Moora CMF WA